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Story of Surpanakha - Nose Cut And Other Stories Of Surpanakha In Ramayana

Surpanakha is the sister of Ravana in the Ramayana and the famous nose cut incident in the epic is associated with her. She was the daughter of Sage Vishravasa and Demoness Kaikasi. She was married to Demon Vidyujjihva. Story of Surpanakha is mainly found in the Ramayana and Puranas.

Legend has it that Ravana killed her husband, Vidyujjihva. To console his sister, Ravana promised that he would get her remarried to a man of her choice.

While Surpanakha was searching for a husband, she came across Rama, Sita and Lakshman at Panchavati.

The handsome form of Rama captivated her. She took the form of a beautiful woman and approached him but Rama told her that He was already married.

A dejected Surpanakha approached Lakshman who too rejected her saying that he was just a servant of Rama.

This double rejection brought out her real fierce demonic form. She considered the presence of Mata Sita as the reason for her rejection. She rushed forward to devour Mata Sita.

Lakshmana intervened and cut off her nose.

A bleeding Surpanakha rushed to her cousin Khara. He went with a large army to attack Rama and Lakshmana. Khara was killed and the army routed.

She then went to her brother Ravana. To please is his sister, Ravana decided to kidnap Mata Sita. This finally led to annihilation of Ravana and his kingdom.

Surpanakha sowed the seed for the conflict between Rama and Ravana in the Ramayana.