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True Beauty - Story Based On Womanizer And Intelligent Girl

A story which explains what is true beauty.

Long ago, there lived a king who was a slave of his senses. He became infamous as a womanizer. One day during his routine expedition through his kingdom, he happened to see a beautiful girl. The king was attracted to the girl and wanted to possess her.

The king sent a word to the father of the girl asking her to be brought to the palace immediately.

An agonized father informed his daughter about the order of the king.

The girl was very clever, she told her father to tell the King that she needs one week’s time. He should give her two golden pots immediately. And after one week the king should send palanquins to pick her up.

The king agreed to the condition.

From that day, the girl only drank castor oil and salt water. Soon she started having loose motions and vomiting.

She filled her motion and vomit in the golden pots.

After one week, she became weak and was like a skeleton.

The palanquins arrived after a week. She entered the palanquin and placed the pots in it.

Soon the palanquin reached the palace. The king rushed to see the beautiful girl. He lifted up her veil but only to find an ugly woman.

The king wanted to know what happened to her beauty in one week.

She told the king that she filled her beauty in the two golden pots to present it to the king.

After removing it, she became frail and week.

King then realized his mistake and sent her back with all dignity.