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Vyasana In Hinduism

Vyasana in Hinduism are habits not in conformity with right action or dharma. Vyasanas include gambling, antisocial actions and addiction to drugs, tobacco and other harmful things.

According to Manusmriti, vyasana are produced by passion and anger. There are then vyanas produced by passion: hunting, gambling, sleeping in day time, blaming others, sexual indulgence , intoxication, singing without restraint, dancing, unrestrained playing for music and roaming aimlessly.

The vyasanas produced by anger are back biting, violence, plotting to hurt, envy, jealousy, extravagance, and abusive language.

Greed is considered a root cause of the vayasanas.

Shuka Acharya declared that the three main vyasanas of a king are gambling, mixing with women and excessive tax.