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Seeing Animals In Dream Meaning

Seeing animals in dream is considered positive. Hindus believe that each dream has a meaning. As per Hindu belief, animals are well wishers of human beings. It is believed that your ancestors, who you have seen or never seen, come in dream in the form of animals.

Quite often animals in dream are a kind of warning regarding a future event. They come to warn you against accidents and physical attacks.

Snakes, lion, owl, tiger, dog, cats, horses etc are commonly seen in dreams. Some people see various different types of animals together.

After seeing animals in dream you need to be careful with the food you eat. You should remain alert always. You should be extra careful while using fire and iron.

Animals biting or chasing you means that you are engaging in negative and dangerous activities.

Playing with animals should be seen as a warning - it means people might cheat or you will face emotional crisis. 

Animals swallowing you mean that there will be big change or transformation in your life.