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Great Hindus – Importance Of Sesame Oil And Seeds In Hinduism

Vedas mention Sesame seeds as the seed of immortality (sorry secularists it is not myth). Along with desi cow ghee and coconut oil, Sesame oil is most widely used in Ayurveda. Modern science has calculated the various components in Sesame oil. The great Hindus of the Vedic age (even before that) knew the greatness of Sesame oil. Sesame is known as til or ellu in various local languages in India.

The popular belief in Hinduism is that the sweat that fell from the Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu got converted into Sesame seeds. Sesame is an essential part of all dead related rituals in Hindu religion. Hindu Puranas connect a particular food item with a deity in Hindu pantheon when its nutritional and health values are indispensable. It is another way of saying that Sesame is divine food. This method is thousand times better than sitting and explaining each and every goodness of a particular food.

Sesame seeds have been used by Hindus from time immemorial.

Sesame was cultivated by the people of Bharata (even before we were called Hindus). It had its origin in Bharatavarsha. 

Sesame can survive drought and flood.

So, why did ancient Hindus give importance to sesame seeds and sesame oil?
  • 100 grams of Sesame is able to provide 36% of the daily requirement of protein.
  • 100 grams of Sesame is able to provide 64% of the daily requirement of fat.
  • 100 grams of Sesame is able to provide 43% of the daily requirement of fiber.
  • 100 grams of Sesame is able to provide 75% of the daily requirement of calcium. (a glass of milk provides just 35 to 40 % of daily requirement of calcium).
  • 100 grams of Sesame is able to provide 81% of the daily requirement of Iron.

For this reason, ancient Hindus carried sesame while traveling long distances. Soldiers were given sesame seeds as part of food allowance.

The minerals contained in Sesame are mind boggling.
  • A 100 gram serving of Sesame provides 454 % of the daily requirement of copper.
  • A 100 gram serving of Sesame provides 88 % of the daily requirement of Magnesium.
  • A 100 gram serving of Sesame provides 107 % of the daily requirement of Manganese.

Helps in fighting bone loss in woman by maintaining bone density. Protects against epilepsy or seizure disorder. Helps in maintaining reproductive health. It fights against defective ovulation, ovarian and testicular degeneration, and increased infant mortality. It reduces cramps, mood swings and other PMS symptoms in women.

It improves thyroid function and any deficiency may result in hypothyroidism. Deficiency of manganese causes nausea, vomiting, dizziness, skin rash, high blood sugar or bone loss. Prolonged deficiency of manganese may cause retarded growth, digestive disorders, abnormal bone development and deformities, sterility and sexual impotence in men. 
  • A 100 gram serving of Sesame provides 90 % of the daily requirement of Phosphorus.
  • A 100 gram serving of Sesame provides 10 % of the daily requirement of Potassium.
  • A 100 gram serving of Sesame provides 63 % of the daily requirement of Selenium.

Selenium helps in fighting heart diseases and cancer. The presence of selenium helps in the smooth function of testes, kidneys, pancreas, spleen and liver. Selenium heals skin injuries and is helpful in numerous skin conditions. Selenium, an antioxidant, helps in healthy sperm and egg formation. It boosts sperm mobility.

It increases immune system and reduces birth defects. Regulates metabolic process, maintain thyroid levels, cure for hair loss and fights dandruff. It also fights against eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriasis.

A 100 gram serving of Sesame provides 70 % of the daily requirement of Zinc.
Zinc promotes healthy skin, boost bone health through mineral density. Helps in blood circulation and neural impulses.

A very rich source of phytosterols and this helps in lowering the bad cholesterol levels.
Sesame seeds contain Tryptophan(38%) helps in having good sleep.

Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid present in the sesame seeds and it can penetrate the outer skin layer and provide long lasting intense moisture.

Hindus massage their babies with cold pressed Sesame oil or virgin coconut oil before bath and leave them under sunlight for few minutes allowing the body to absorb vitamin D and nourish the skin cells naturally.  The oil penetrates into the skin quickly.  There is NO danger from UV rays of sun as Sesame oil provides protection as it has natural sunscreen properties.

Oleic acid helps in fighting bad cholesterol.

Sesame seeds contain Thiamin B1. Deficiency of Thiamin B1 leads to lethargy, loss of memory, loss of sleep or appetite, indigestion or constipation, and calf muscle tenderness.

Spread the greatness of ancient Hindus. Learn about the food choices of ancient Hindus. They did not simply choose of a particular oil or food. The science behind their choices are yet to be understood by modern science.

Start using sesame seeds and sesame oil. Help farmers. Buy authentic cold pressed sesame oil from old mills. 

A special thanks to an article published Captain Ajit Vadakayil in helping in writing this blog post.

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