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Benefits Of Shunya Mudra - Ear Related Problems And Motion Sickness

Shunya Mudra is one of the important mudras in Hinduism and is found to be helpful in solving ear related health issues and motion sickness. Practicing mudras have numerous benefits especially health related. They are good for both body and mind as per Hindu scriptures.

Ear Related Problems And Motion Sickness

Shunya Mudra is practiced by bending the middle finger and touching the top portion of the thumb. Thumb and middle finger is slightly pressed. The other three fingers are extended and kept raised in a relaxed manner.

Health benefits of Shunya Mudra include:
  • Helps in overcoming ear related problems like pain, tinnitus, vertigo and acquired deafness.
  • It is good for those who have hearing issues. 
  • Those who frequently feel emptiness or numbness in body parts like chest, head, abdomen etc will find relief after practicing shunya mudra.
  • All problems arising out of excess vata is cured through the practice of the mudra.
  • Reduces thyroid related problems. 
  • Motion sickness can be contained to a certain extent by the practice of Shunya mudra as the nerves of the ears are directly stimulated.
  • It is also found helpful in preventing heart diseases.