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When Women Are Not Loved and Respected Goddess Lakshmi Abandons The House

There is a famous quote of Garga Rishi – “Goddess Lakshmi resides in that house where women are loved and respected, 33 million gods and goddesses also resides in that house.
यद् गृहे रमते नारी लक्ष्मीस्तद् गृहवासिनी।देवता: कोटिशो वत् ! त्यजन्ति गृहं हितत्।।
We often blame for loss of money and reversal in financial fortune on bad luck, vastu, bad phase in horoscope (janam kundali). But we never bother to blame it on the behavior of the men towards the women in the house.

Those household where woman are not loved and respected becomes the abode of Alakshmi. She brings along with her misfortune and bad luck. She thrives on the tears of women.

Goddess Lakshmi abandons such a place and along with her goes away all positive energy.

Equally dangerous is those women who do not follow Dharma. They also bring bad luck. They will attract negative forces.

But treating a good woman badly is unforgivable and there will be no progress in such place. Such places will become playground of negative energy. There will be constant health issues, anger, frustration, bad luck, accidents and fights among family members.

So if you are going through a bad phase then check whether the women in the family are unhappy or not. If they are unhappy, do things to alleviate them. Soon your financial difficulties will lessen out.