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When you fail, you are asked to learn – But when you win, also learn

Everybody talks about learning from failure. You should also learn from a win. Whether you win or lose, you should learn. Winners need to have the right attitude. Pieces of advice should not be for losers alone. Real winners study the mistakes of the opponents so that the mistakes are not repeated by them in future.

Today, there is a constant fight between losers and winners. The problem starts with winners making fun of losers. Sometimes winners brag about the victory as if this is the last match and there is not going to be another one ever in future. Grudges are sown by winners and they reap it quickly in the next given opportunity. The increasing number of fights on the field makes us think that our players need to be given lessons in ethics and anger management too.

Whether it is exams, jobs, promotion, or sports, the right attitude makes the victory sweeter. Your attitude during victory shows the real person you are and what course your life will take in future.

How you react to your victory or failure decides your future. The desire to win is good but it should not be by hurting another person’s feelings. Play the game fairly and win.

Be humble and be a good winner. Do not forget someone who gave you a good challenge and brought out the best in you. Compliment the other person for this efforts and strengths. Your victory is sweet because the other person was a good challenger.

Acknowledge the people who helped you in achieving victory. Never brag about your success. Take compliments with a smile and humility. Stop talking about your accomplishments. Let the talking be done by others. Savor the moment with humility.

Today we have many people achieving temporary victory through all kinds of illegal means. Their success has a very short life and they are filled with fear of being caught. Such people never have a good life; the success that they achieved through wrong means will destroy their life.

A person who has achieved success through hard work alone knows how to maintain and defend it. Those that achieve success through illegal means will squander it. They do not know how to defend their fort.

Earn your success through fair play. Make your victory exemplary so that generations will be proud about it.

Winners and losers will all be forgotten but a kind act of putting the need of another living being in front of our desire to win will always be etched in memory. This one act will be an inspiration forever.