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Tatkalik Maitri In Astrology

Tatkalika Maitri means friendship and is a term of Hindu predictive astrology. There are different kinds of maitri (friendship) discussed in astrology. The first is tatkalika maitri, which means temporary friendship. The planets are Mitra (mutual friends), Shatru (enemies) or Sama (neutral).

The friendship or enmity is both naisargika (permanent) and tatkalika (temporary). The tatkalika maitri depends on the placement of the planets in individual horoscopes.

If a planet is placed at 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th from the other, these two planets are mutually temporary friends. The same at the remaining positions are mutually temporary enemies.

The second kind of maitri is known as naisargika maitri (permanent friendship or enmity).
The third kind of maitri is pancadha maitri, which is a combination of naisargika and tatkalika maitri (permanent and temporary friendship).

Thus planets have five categories of friendship or enmity:
Naisargika Mitra + Tatkalika Mitra = Ati Mitra
Naisargika Shatru + Tatkalika Shatru = Ati Shatru
Naisargika Mitra + Tatkalika Shatru = Sama
Naisargika Shatru + Tatkalika Mitra = Sama
Naisargika Sama + Tatkalika Mitra = Mitra
Naisargika Sama + Tatkalika Shatru = Shatru

These categories of relationships are used for assessing the strength of the planets in the horoscope of an individual.