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How Vishnu Got The Sword Nandaka? - Story Of Sword Of Vishnu

Nandaka is the sword of Srihari Vishnu and the story of how Lord Vishnu came into possession of the sword is found in the Agni Purana. Vishnu is never worshipped with sword in temples. It is very rare to find Vishnu holding sword in murti form. Kalki form of Vishnu is depicted as riding a horse with a raised sword.

Legend has it that Bhagwan Brahma performed a Yajna on the banks of Ganga on a peak of Mount Meru. A demon named Lohasura decided to disturb the yajna and was heading towards the spot of the sacrifice.

To face the demon, from meditating Brahma appeared a man. The man paid homage to Brahma. He was then greeted by the Devas and changed into a sword named Nandaka.

Devas asked Bhagavan Vishnu to lift up the sword Nandaka for defending Dharma which was threatened by Lohasura.

Lohasura reached the yajna spot. The fierce demon had thousand hands and his body was dark blue in color. The demon’s body was hard like the diamond. Using a club he drove away the Devas.

Vishnu using the sword Nandaka took on the demon Lohasura. Those body parts of the demon that received a cut by the sword became metal on earth. Finally, the demon was killed by Vishnu.

After the fight, Nandaka received the human body back and became the deity of weapons on earth.

Brahma then completed the yajna for the welfare of all living beings.

Vishnu is rarely depicted with a sword. Only his forthcoming avtar, Kalki, is depicted with a sword.