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Bringing Home Stolen Murtis Of Hindu Gods And Goddesses – IPP Project

IPP – the India Pride Project – is working tirelessly in bringing back home (India), the stolen murtis of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. UNESCO estimates 50,000 murtis (idols) of Hindu gods and goddesses have been stolen from India. Those that cannot be stolen or moved are destroyed by Vandals.

Hindu murtis are a constant feature in many auctions around the world.

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshatah (Dharma protects the protector of Dharma) – this is the basic belief in Hinduism. No one will come to protect our culture, our temples and our institutions. Each person in the locality has to defend and protect Hindu temples and institutions.

With zero funding, zero employees and zero authority, IPP has built the case globally for India’s heritage to come back to its people.

This is a great initiative when see daily our temples being ignored, vandalised, looted and destroyed.

Start protecting existing temples instead of building new ones. Get back all the looted murtis of Gods and install them in our temples.