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Sukadeva Jayanti – Appearance Day Of Sukadeva In Vaishakh Month

Sukadeva Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Sukadeva Gosvami. It is observed on the no moon day or Amavasya day in Vaishakh month. Sukhdev Jayanti 2025 date is May 27. Saint Sukadev narrated the Bhagavad Purana and is the son of Sage Vyasa. The day is also referred as  Sukh Deva Jayanti – Sukhdev Jayanti. He is the son of Veda Vyasa and Vatika.

There are numerous stories and incidents in Hindu scriptures associated with Sukadeva. The holy saint is believed to have born out of the ascetic powers of Sage Vyasa.

When in the womb of Vatika, Sukhdev used to listen to the philosophical discussions taking place between Sage Vyasa and other saints. He also remembered his previous births as a result of it. Due to the teachings, the child was unwilling to come out of the womb and finally, Lord Krishna persuaded the child to come out of the womb.

Legend has it that the fetus in Vatika’s womb continued to grow and did not come out at the end of the ninth month. It was immersed in the philosophical discussions taking place. The child learned all the important scriptures and philosophical treatises in the womb itself. The child continued to grow inside the womb and this created physical pain to Vatika.

Finally, Sage Vyasa learned that child is not coming out as he does not want to live in a world of suffering and illusion. Vyasa tried to convince the child that the world of illusions will not affect him but the child wanted the assurance of Lord Krishna.

The child came out of the womb after Lord Krishna arrived from Dwarka and gave assurance that he will be free of illusions. Krishna was surprised by the philosophical knowledge of the young child and as he talked like a parrot he was called Shukha.

A legend has it that Sukadeva was such a pure soul that he used to roam naked and was not affected by things around.

Another legend has it that Shukadev was not interested in Grihastha Ashrama. So his father Sage Vyasa asked him to go to King Janaka and learn about the four ashramas. And Janaka convinced him about the importance of family life in the path of salvation or Moksha.

Shukha Deva is mentioned in Mahabharata and other Puranas. He had narrated the Srimad Bhagavad Purana to Parikshith and also crowned Janmejaya after the death of Parikshith.