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Sukadeva Jayanti – Shukadev Jayanthi

Sukadeva Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Sukadeva Gosvami. It is observed on the no moon day or Amavasi day in Vaishakh month. Shukadev Jayanthi 2018 date is April 16. Saint Sukadev narrated the Bhagavad Purana and is the son of Sage Vyasa.

There are numerous stories and incidents in Hindu scriptures associated with Sukadeva. The holy saint is believed to have born out of the ascetic powers of Sage Vyasa.

A legend has it that Sukadeva was such a pure soul that he used to roam naked and was not affected by things around.

Another legend has it that Shukadev was not interested in Grihasta Ashrama. So his father Sage Vyasa asked him to go to King Janaka and learn about the four ashramas. And Janaka convinced him about the importance of family life in the path of salvation or Moksha.