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Internal Damaging Effect From Negative Thinking - Dadi Janki

Negative thinking is damaging in so many ways. Negativity is all-consuming and cannot share space with positivity. It can crowd your mind and your spirit to the point that it blocks any feeling of happiness from reaching you.

When negative thoughts prevail in mind, do they help you come to constructive conclusions or solutions? Of course not...they actually prevent you from doing so. What is more, they don’t make the situation go away any faster or create a quicker resolution. They don’t help in any way at all.

Another internal damaging effect from negative thinking is that it becomes a barrier around your mind and soul, blocking out any light from getting in. In that obscurity, your mind becomes busy and easily falls into circular thinking patterns, where the same ideas and memories keep going around and around, never letting up. Your spirit becomes heavy, sadness or anger creeps in and takes up any room you may have had for feeling great. You find it hard to sleep, hard to smile, hard to be kind, and hard to find peace. You have blocked out all the positive energy from coming to your aid.

Source - Feeling Great: Creating a Life of Optimism, Enthusiasm and Contentment By Peter Vegso, Dadi Janki, Kelly Johnson

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I need to have faith that the solutions to all problems lie within me.

To practice the power of positivity is to be free from negativity.

Self-discipline is an expression of respect for myself. The more I think about discipling myself today, the stronger I will become.

If something goes wrong, the first thing I need to do is calm  my mind and look within.

As long as I remain positive, I will find the answers I need.

I need to be aware of how much damage is caused by negative thoughts. Negative, wasteful thinking over a long period of time will put me right back into the gutter.

The task of a student of spirituality is to change situations through thoughts. I must change myself first, then I can change the world.

There is benefit for you in every situation. If, that is, you know how to look for it. The idea behind steady spiritual progress is to see every circumstance and situation (particularly those that challenge you) as a tailor-made lesson in your personal plan for self-development.

Never think that you have learned enough and now can stop. You should love it when people try to correct you or give you advice. It keeps you alert and gives you plenty of opportunity to put your truth into practice. It is a sign of great danger to be unable to accept criticism and instead use your understanding to criticize others. Realize deeply the significance of every moment, and your spiritual progress will be assured.