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10 Reasons Why Hindu Couples Should Keep Radha Krishna Painting in Bedroom

For better husband wife relationship and for a peaceful and happy family life, it is advised by astrologers and community elders to keep the painting of Radha Krishna in bedroom. Here are 10 reasons why Hindu couples should keep Radha Krishna painting in bedroom.

  1. Problems in married life due to bad positioning of navagrahas in janam kundli or planets in horoscope will be solved.
  2. Difference of opinion or problems due to prejudice will be solved.
  3. Keeping red frame Radha Krishna painting will help in improving love life.
  4. Bad luck and bad time in life will change by keeping red frame painting in bedroom.
  5. Keep photo of husband and wife on the opposite wall having Radha Krishna painting. This will improve relationship and the couple will have long happy married life.
  6. Newly married couple should daily offer prayers to Radha Krishna; this will help in better understanding and in solving initial problems in married life.
  7. While keeping the picture of Radha Krishna the picture should not have other gopis or gopas. If there is a cow or calf, it is considered auspicious.
  8. Having darshan of Radha Krishna in the morning and evening will help in improving trust among couples.
  9. Problems in conceiving (having children) will be solved especially keeping the painting of Radha Krishna along with cow and calf.
  10. Those couples having problems in love making (sexual life) will see improvement after keeping the painting the bedroom. Do not keep the painting on the wall separating bathroom.