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Story Matsyagandha In Mahabharata – Queen Satyavati

The story of Queen Satyavati, who was known as Matsyagandha, is found in the Adi Parva of the Mahabharata.

Satyavati was born from the womb of a fish. She was found by the chief of a fisher folk and he raised her.

She was named Satyavati but people loving called her Matsyagandha – as she reeked of fish. The reason she was born in the womb of a fish.

When she grew up, to make a living, Satyavati ferried people across the Ganga River.

One day, when she was ferrying Sage Parasara across the river, he expressed his desire to make love to her.

Satyavati was hesitant but the Sage convinced her that she will give birth to a child instantly and she will retain her virginity. In addition to it, she will no longer reek of fish but will exude a wonderful fragrance, which will make men find her irresistible.

The Sage then created a curtain of mist and made love to her. Before they reached the shore, Satyavati gave birth to Vyasa, she retained her virginity and got a wonderful fragrant body.

King Shantanu of Hastinapur got attracted to the wonderful fragrance and married her.