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Hindu Quotes on Life - Happy - Peaceful - Chapter VIII Bhagavad Gita

Below are Hindu Quotes from Bhagavad Gita for a Happy and Peaceful Life. The Bhagavad Gita specifies twenty values in Chapter XIII (8 to 12) of which even a couple of them are followed one’s life will surely become happy and peaceful.
  1. Amanitvam - Humility.
  2. Adambhitvam - Pridelessness.
  3. Ahimsa - Non-violence.
  4. Kshanti - Tolerance.
  5. Arjavam - Simplicity.
  6. Acaryopasanam - Service to the teacher.
  7. Saucam - Cleanliness (internal and external).
  8. Sthairyam - Steadfastness.
  9. Atma vinigraha – Self-control.
  10. Vairagyam – Renunciation.
  11. Anahankara - Absence of ego.
  12. Janmamrityu jaravyadhi duhkha dosa anudarsanam - Reflection of the sufferings of life-death, old age-disease, and distress.
  13. Asakti - Non-attachment.
  14. Anabhisvanga putradaragrhadishu - Detachment towards son and wife.
  15. Nityam samacittatvam istanistopapattishu - Equanimity amidst pleasant and unpleasant happenings.
  16. Mayi ca ananyayogena bhaktih avyabhicarini - Constant and unalloyed devotion towards God.
  17. Vivikta desa sevitvam - Love for solitary life.
  18. Aratir janasamsadi - Detachment towards company of people.
  19. Adhyatmajnana nityatvam - Understanding the importance of self-realisation.
  20. Tattvajananartha darsanam - Philosophical search of the ultimate truth.
Source: Excerpt from an interview with Dr S. Kannan, a Chennai-based chartered accountant, and author of ‘Vedic Management’ published in the Business section of The Hindu date January 20, 2009

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