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Meena Rashi Hanuman Mantra – Benefits – Puja Method

Meena Rashi Hanuman mantra is a personal and special mantra for Meena Rashi or Pisces born people. Chanting this mantra, dedicated to Lord Hanuman, will help in getting rid of all kinds of difficulties. Chanting the mantra will give relief to horoscope related problems and health issues. Below is the Meena Rashi mantra dedicated to Hanuman. Benefits of the prayer, puja method and a brief procedure on how to chant the mantra is given below.

Meena Rashi Hanuman Mantra

Sarva Dukha Haraya Namah
सर्वदुख हराया नमः 

Benefits of Meena Rashi Hanuman Mantra

Hanuman has the control over Shani and as he is Rudra Avatar all Navagrahas worship him. Chanting the mantra is an ideal solution to all kinds of problems related to bad positioning of Navgrahas in Janam Kundli or horoscope of Meena Rashi born people.

It is a good mantra to fight all kinds of bodily ailments.

Chanting the mantra is good for solving property issues.

Those facing relationship issues and marriage problems will find relief.

How to Chant Meena Rashi Hanuman Mantra?

  • Chant the mantra on all Tuesdays; and when there is Meena Rashi in a Hindu Lunar Month.
  • The ideal time to chant the mantra is early morning during sunrise.
  • Take bath and wear saffron color dress.
  • Offer prayers to Ganesha in the mind.
  • Sit facing east and meditate on Lord Rama and then Hanuman.
  • Light a lamp using cow ghee with one wick.
  • Offer your prayers.
  • Meditate on Hanuman. If not possible read the Hanuman Chalisa or Hanuman Ashtak one time
  • Chant the mantra 108 times. Keep count on a Rudraksha Mala.
  • Plant a fruit bearing tree. Planting banana and taking care of it is meritorious.