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Why Hindus Do Not Perform Cremation After Sunset? – Why Pyre Of Dead Is Not Lit At Night in Hinduism?

Hindus are not allowed to perform creation after sunset. This is a very important rule in Hinduism. The pyre of dead is not lit at night. There are 16 rituals in the life of a person and death related rituals are the last one.

All dead related rituals should be performed during the daytime. The presence of Surya (sun god) is considered essential for the rituals.

Why Pyre Of Dead Is Not Lit At Night in Hinduism?

Important cremation and death related rituals in Hindu religions is found in the Garuda Purana. It is clearly mentioned in the Garuda Purana that the body a person should not be kept on pyre after sunset.

If the death happens at night, the rituals are performed after sunrise.

The dead person will undergo numerous suffering if the cremation is performed at night.
It is also believed that in the next birth (whatever be the form), the person will not have all the limbs. The person will have several deformities.

It is for the welfare of the dead person (a safe journey to pitru loka and for a good rebirth) that death related rituals are not performed at night.