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Story Of Usana Hypnotizing Kubera To Steal His Wealth

Usana was the guru of the Asuras (demons). Asuras were never satisfied with the wealth they had.

There is a story in the Puranas in which Usana hypnotizes Kubera and steals his wealth to satisfy the Asuras.

Demon king Vrshaparva was jealous of the wealth of Devas. Vrshaparva complained to Usana about the disparity in wealth between the demigods and the demons.

To satisfy Vrshaparva, Usana promised the demon king that he would get for him all the wealth in the treasury of Kubera.

Kubera, the lord of wealth, was the treasurer of Devas.

Usana planned to use his incomparable yogic powers to take control of the mind and intellect of Kubera.

Usana soon reached Alakapuri, the capital of Kubera.

The treasures of Devas was happy to welcome Usana as they both were descendants of Lord Brahma.

During the meeting, Usana hypnotized Kubera.

Kubera now behaved on the commands of Usana.

Soon all the wealth in the treasury of Kubera was transferred into the treasury of demon king Vrshaparva.

Usana soon bid goodbye to Kubera.

As soon as the guru left Alakapuri, the hypnotic spell weakened and Kubera realized he was tricked.