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Symbolism Of Carrying Milk Pots To Hindu Temples – Reason – Meaning

Carrying milk pots to Hindu temples is an important ritual. The main reason for carrying it is for seeking the blessing of the deity, for desire fulfillment and as part of thanking the deity for fulfilling the desires.

The milk pot symbolizes abundance and fertility.

In this context it must be noted here that cow itself is a sacred animal in Hinduism and offering its milk to the deity is seen as offering something very pure and auspicious.

Milk pots are mainly carried in South India to Murugan temples, Ganesha temples and also temples to various incarnations of Shakti like Mariamman etc.

Cow is an important part of agrarian economy. Starting from the Vedic period, cow played an important role in the life of a Hindu. Sharing something so important in one’s life with the deity gave satisfaction to the devotees.