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Pragyata Learning platform - Online Courses About India Its Culture

Pragyata website is dedicated to reviving interest in the Indian systems of knowledge. It is a learning platform, hosting online courses (MOOCs) about India, its culture and its unique world view. It encourages genuine scholars and experts to share their insights about Indic knowledge with the world, thus providing an authentic, uncompromised and unbiased learning experience.

You can learn about many subjects that has its origin in India. We have courses on all kinds of subjects ranging from Yoga to Music to Dance forms to Languages to Philosophy.
If you’re from India and find yourself wondering as to why you know Europe’s history better than your own, if you’ve read all of Shakespeare but can’t tell Tulsidas from Kalidas, if you’ve learnt to regard Sanskrit as a ‘dead’ language and Yoga as a primitive form of pumping iron, you can call yourself a thoroughly colonized Indian and you certainly need to take these courses. If the above description does not accurately fit you, you can still enroll in a course to acquire an Indian perspective on things that generally interest you. 
If you’re not from India and want to know more about the Indian civilization / systems of knowledge, you’ve reached the right place. If you don’t even know that India is a country, buy an atlas, locate it on the world map and come back to know everything else about it. If you don’t know what an atlas is, you must be the colonized Indian described above.
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