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Annaprashan in Bengali Culture – Rice Eating Ceremony

Annaprashan is the first rice eating ceremony of a newly born baby in Bengali culture. The ceremony is performed during the sixth or the eighth month after the baby’s birth. The new born baby consumes its first solid food during the Annaprashan ceremony. 

From that day onwards the baby can consume solid food.

On the day of the ceremony, the baby is given a traditional bathe using Haldi or turmeric and sandalwood paste markings are made on the forehead.

The baby wears traditional dress for the ceremony. A baby boy wears dhoti, white silk kurta and a headdress. A baby girl wears red sari, red blouse and headdress.

The first solid food offered is Kheer (sweet). The food is first offered to the family deity. Cooked rice and water is then offered to dead ancestors. Finally, the baby is given Kheer by the parents or an elderly member in the family.