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Story – Goddess Lakshmi Daughter Of Sage Markandeya

There is an interesting story in the Brahmanda Purana which informs us that Goddess Lakshmi had appeared on earth as the daughter of Sage Markandeya. Mrikandu Maharishi’s son, Sage Markandeya, was destined to die at the age of sixteen but his devotion for Shiva saved him.

After this, Sage Markandeya performed intense penance to have Goddess Lakshmi has his daughter and perform her kanyadanam. He also wished Lord Vishnu as his son-in-law.

He performed the penance at Thirunageswaram on the banks of Cauvery which was covered with Tulsi plants. Tulsi had performed Tapas to get a spot on the chest of Lord Vishnu. But as Goddess Lakshmi was already residing there, Vishnu asked Tulsi to meditate on Cauvery River and take care of Goddess Lakshmi when she will take birth on the riverbank.

The penance continued for several years and Goddess Lakshmi appeared under the Tulsi plant. Markandeya realized the baby was Goddess Lakshmi and raised her.

After the birth of the baby, numerous miracles happened in the region. There were peace and prosperity all around. Soon the young girl reached the adolescent age.

One day an old man to Markandeya and during their interaction the sage granted him a wish. In response, the old man asked Markandeya’s daughter as a bride for his marriage.

Sage Markandeya was not ready to give his pretty daughter in marriage to an old man.
He tried to dissuade the old man and made other offers. But the old man was adamant.
Sage Markandeya told the old man that his daughter was too young and did not even know how to cook properly. She might even forget to put salt in food.

The old man told the wise sage that he was ready to accept her and her cooking without salt.

Sage Markandeya then realized that the old man was Lord Vishnu in disguise. He offered his daughter’s hand in marriage and performed the kanyadanam of his daughter to the Lord.

This divine incident happened on the Shravana Nakshatra day in Panguni Month (March – April).

As Vishnu agreed to take food without salt he came to be known as Uppiliappan.
Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Uppiliappan in the famous Uppiliappan Temple, also known as Thiruvinnagar Venkatachalapathy Temple, at Thirunageswaram Village near Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu.