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How Arjuna Become A Woman For The Mahabharata One Year Incognito Exile Period

Arjuna became Brihannala, the eunuch, during the one-year incognito exile period in the Mahabharata. He was able to take the form of a napunsak due to a curse. There is a wrong notion that Arjuna became a woman. She did not become a woman but a shemale or transsexual.

During the exile period, Arjuna once went to meet Indra. Here Urvashi, the celestial woman or Apsara, happens to see Arjuna. She is attracted to the handsome man and proposes to him.

But Arjuna declines saying that she was the wife of Pururava, his ancestor and therefore she is like a mother to him.

Urvashi states that the rules of humans do not apply in heaven and she is above human laws and morality.

 Arjuna still refuses and Urvashi is unable to bear the rejection and she curses him to become a napunsak or eunuch.

Indra intervenes and reduces the curse to a year and asks him to use it to his advantage during the one year incognito exile period.