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Lemon And Green Chili On Doors Of Hindu Homes And Shops – Reason

Lemon and green chillies tied on the doorways of shops, business establishments and Hindu homes is a common sight in India. But why is it hung on the door? Reason - Lemon and green chilly tied on a thread are hung outside the door to keep away Alakshmi, or Jyestha, who is considered inauspicious. Alakshmi is the sister of Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of fortune and prosperity. But Alakshmi brings poverty and misery.

Alakshmi likes sour, pungent and hot things. Therefore shopkeepers, merchants and people tie lemons and green chillies on the doorways of their shops and homes so that Alakshmi will only come up to the door and eat her favorite food and satisfy her hunger and leave without entering the shop or house.

It is believed that after consuming lemon and green chillies, Alakshmi loses her urge to enter the house or shop. She will turn around without casting her malevolent eye.

Sour food is also avoided during festivals to keep Alakshmi away. She doesn't like sweet food, which is the favorite of Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore Hindus always prepare a sweet dish during festivals.