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Lemon Offering To Kaal Bhairav Form Of Shiva

Kaal Bhairav is one of the important manifestations of Shiva. This form is associated with Tantra. Lemon is an important offering to Kal Bhairav form of Shiva. It is believed that worshipping Kal Bhairav on the eighth day after full moon (Kalashtami) helps in keeping out fear and negative forces like ghosts. The offering also helps in desire fulfillment.

Lemon is offered by making a garland.

Another method of offering is placing 5 lemon on the feet of Kal Bhairav murti.

Benefits of Lemon Offering

  • Desire fulfillment.
  • Helps in avoiding bad dreams.
  • Blesses the devotee with good sleep.
  • The person will be blessed with wealth and prosperity.
  • The person will be successful.