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Benefits Of Giving Roti To Cow In Hinduism

Cow symbolically represents Mother Earth in Hinduism. As per Hindu beliefs, all deities in Hindu pantheon reside in the cow – symbolically it means that all elements in the universe are present in the cow. Here is a brief look at giving roti to cow especially as part of religious activity.
  • Feeding roti to cows in Kali Yuga is equivalent to performing rituals and havans.
  • It helps in sin redemption and thus helping a person to attain moksha or liberation.
  • It is believed that offering roti to cow is equivalent to offering Prasad or naivedya or bhog to all the 33 crore deities in Hinduism.
  • It is believed that those homes in which cows are taken care of will never face poverty and financial crisis. They will always have food even during the most tiring times.
  • Those children that are born in a family that takes care of cow will lead a peaceful and prosperous life.
  • When giving roti on Thursday, it is good to apply bit of turmeric.
  • Financial progress and prosperity is achieved by feeding cow.
  • Those who regularly touch and feed cow will develop immunity power against various diseases.
Symbolically 33 crore deities is like representing all animate and inanimate in the universe. It is like feeding all those subsist of food.

It must be noted here that in early times many family survived merely by have a cow at home.