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Shwetark Plant Puja for Solving Marriage Related Problems In Hindu Religion

There is a belief among several Hindu communities that offering puja to Shwetark puja will help in solving marriage related problems. Shwetark also known as Aak or Madar is a holy plant in Hinduism.

How to Perform Shwetark Plant Puja?

  • The puja should be performed on the first Monday in a month during the waxing phase of moon (Shukla Paksha Somvar).
  • The person should perform fast dedicated to Shiva on the day.
  • In the morning or during pradosh period visit a Shwetark Plant.
  • Offer water to the plant.
  • Collect 8 leaves of the plant.
  • Make a mala using 7 leaves. On the eighth leaf, just write ‘om namah shivaya.’
  • Offer the leaves to a peepal tree.
  • Pour water under the peepal tree.
  • This should be repeated till the marriage is held.