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Lord Ayyappa and Shani – Worship of Ayyappa to avoid Shani Dosham

There is a very strong belief among Ayyappa devotees that Lord Ayyappa has control over Shani (Sani Bhagavan) and therefore He is also known as Saneeswaran Ayyappan. Those people suffering from Shani Dosham perform special rituals to Lord Ayyappa to get of it.

Shani or Saturn is one among the planets in Hindu astrology and those people who believe in astrology and horoscope consider that the position of Shani on their horoscope can cause ill luck and difficulties.

Those people suffering from Shani Dosham conduct Ayyappa Bhajanam (chanting of the names and glory of Ayyappa) to get rid of the Dosha.

It is believed that Sade Sati, Ashtama Shani, Kantaka Shani, 71/2 Shani and fear will be removed by worshipping Lord Ayyappa.

The main ritual performed by those suffering from Shani to Ayyappa is Niranjanam. Neyyabhishekam is also performed by many devotees.