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Chariot And Bow of Vishnu – Symbolism in the Bow and Arrow of Vishnu

Bow of Vishnu is known as Saranga and Vishwakarma, the divine architect of gods, created it. There is deep symbolism attached to bow and arrow of Vishnu and it is not a mere weapon to annihilate demons or enemies. Vishnu Purana states that the bow and arrow represents Indriya (senses) and Ahamkara (ego).

Vishnu Purana further states that the numerous arrows of Vishnu are the senses, the field of activity of intellect and the quiver is the storehouse of actions.

The bow is the destructive-notion-of-individual existence (tamasa Ahamkara), the aspect that is associated with the disintegrating tendency and origin of the senses (Vishnu Purana -1.22.70).

The numerous arrows of Vishnu are the senses, the fields of activity of the intellect. (Vishnu Purana 1.22.73)

Vishnu had a chariot drawn by four horses which according to Mahabharata ‘moves at will life swift mind’.

Source – Danielou Polytheism Hindu.