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Swami Rama Tirtha Quotes

A collection of quotes of Swami Rama Tirtha.

If you live in unison with your true Atman or Spirit, if you always keep yourself in touch with God in you, with your own Self or Atman, you are inspired all the time. What is wrong with you is that your mind comes in contact with earthly magnets on all sides, worldly attachments which magnetize you and put you out of order, you are no longer in running order, deranged.

The more you get, the more you become greedy, niggardly and less happy. Happiness lies not in accumulation of wealth but in content only.

Rise above desires and they are fulfilled; beg and their fulfilment recedes further from you.

Mind can be purified by killing all selfish desires one by one and singing the syllable OM.

One who rises above all desires is always spreading good as spontaneously and naturally as a flower gives perfume, or a star spreading light, without even being aware of it.

The real poverty does not consist in want of riches but in an unsatiated want or greed for more and more.

If you are not inspired today, the sole reason is that you do not keep yourself isolated, or insulated enough. You allow worldly objects to magnetize, to hypnotize you, you allow them to play foul and fast with you. If you want to regain your original powers and inspiration, keep yourself insulated, isolated for a while.

Bury yourself in the Reality, in Divinity, in God, in the true Atman. Keep yourself buried in the Spirit, in the Truth. Live alone for a time, set apart sometime of your day for keeping in touch with the Reality; merge yourself, bury yourself in God. Do that and the spoiling magnetism and wrong hypnotism that you have got from these worldly objects will leave you, your mind will be running in order again. You will be again inspired.

Truth is your birth right. Assert it and be master of universe. Truth is ‘Tat Tva Masi’ –‘That Thou Art.’

Realize the heaven within you, and all at once all the desires are fulfilled, all the misery and suffering is put an end to.

Heaven is within you, seek happiness not in the objects of sense; realize that happiness is within yourself.

No great genius could ever draw real inspiration except from living Nature.

If you must realize unity with God, realize first your unity with the Whole Nation. Let this intense feeling of identity with every creature within this land be throbbing in every fiber of your frame.

When you wake up to your oneness with Life, Light and Love and immediately the Central Bliss will commence springing forth from you in the shape of happy heroic work and of both wisdom and virtue. This is inspired life, this is your birthright.

You have simply to shine as the Soul of All. Then energy, life activity will naturally begin to radiate from you. The flower blooms and fragrance begins to emanate of itself.
The way to gain anything is to loose it.

Myself, the self, is all to me,
The body, whither it goes, what care I,
If tossed here and there, or left to die.
I am freedom's Self, let the body, as salt-sea spray,
Be dashed hither and thither or up and away!
Come on, ye pleasures, come on, ye pains!
To me ye are equal, the same, the same.
The sun lights the gardens, as well as the waste,
Alike I do light all changes of fate.
Vast ocean of heaven-blue, pure and high,
Is never affected, clouds rise and die.
Life or death, and health or disease,
In me, like vapours rise, play and cease.
The smooth brow of youth, and the wrinkles of age,
Are surface figures on me as a page.
Success or failure makes no difference to me,
For I am free. I am free, I am free!
All planets, suns, stars and skies,
My twine-less kite of Liberty,
Leaves far behind and higher flies,
With full breast sing I songs of glee:
I am free, I am free, I am free!
The world, the world is naught to me.

If you want to realize an object, if you want to get anything, do not hunt after the shadow. Touch your own head. Go within you. Realize this and you will see that the stars are your handiwork, you will see that all the objects of love, all the bewitching and fascinating things are simply your own reflection or shadow.

Renunciation is from mind. We do not live where our bodies live. We live where our minds live. Solitude can be had at home or it cannot be had in remotest forest.
If you deserve, you need not desire; the object of desire will be brought to you. If you make yourself worthy, help must come to you.

Swami Rama Tirtha Thoughts on Inspiration

The very moment inspiration is there, the idea of "I know" and "I do it" is absent, it cannot be there.

This is what the great masters have said on the subject. ‘The man who is his own master knocks in vain at the doors of poetry.’ You cannot be in a state to write poetry, and at the same time be an enjoyer of poetry. No. 

You cannot be your own master and at the same time write poetry. Nobody can write and be conscious of the fact that he is writing. When he becomes the consciousness itself, then is the point of inspiration reached.

The artist must be sacrificed to his art. When you are playing the part of the greatest artist, there in the eyes of others you are a great artist, but from your own standpoint you are not. No thought of ‘I am doing’ is present, you have become one with the All. You are no artist from your own standpoint; there the interpreter, the interpretation, the writer, the writing – all have become one. There all the difference has been annihilated. This is the nature, the secret of inspiration.