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Amba in Mahabharata – Story of Amba in the Mahabharata

Amba was the eldest daughter of the King of Kashi. She along with two of her sisters were forcibly be taken away by Bhishma from the Swayamvara to be the wives of King Vichitravirya. But on the day when the marriage was to be performed Amba informed Bhishma that she had given her mind to King of Salwa and she be sent to him.

Story of Amba in the Mahabharata

On realizing the mistake, Bhishma sent her to the King of Salwa. But the King of Salwa was not ready to accept a woman who had entered the home of another person.

Amba had now nowhere to go. Bhishma would not marry her as he had taken the vow of celibacy. King Vichitravirya would not accept her as he was in love with someone else.

She then took refuge in the jungle and performed intense austerities with the aim to avenge her insult.

Amba was born again as Shikhandi and was responsible for the death of Bhishma in the Mahabharata war.

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