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Brahmanda Purana Quotes

A collection of Brahmanda Purana quotes.

The five joints of Avidya are ignorance, delusion, desire of enjoyment, anger and fear of death.

Through Adharma (evil), Himsa (Violence) gave birth to two children dishonesty (or wickedness) and Falsehood. Dishonesty gave birth to fear and hell. Falsehood gave birth to Maya (illusion) and pain. Maya gave birth to Death and Pain gave birth to Misery and Sickness. Then Sickness gave birth to Old age, grief, anger and jealousy. All these are remembered as the characteristics of Adharma (evil).

A devotee whose soul is sanctified by means of  Ash-bath, who has conquered anger and who has subdued his sense organs does not go back (i.e. is not born again) after coming near me (Shiva).

Forgiveness, fortitude, non-violence, absence of attachment to all (worldly things) and equal indifference to both honor and dishonor—these constitute the excellent covering garment.

Brahmanda Purana