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Nalapachakam Origin - How King Nala Was Able To Cook Delicious Food?

This is the story behind the famous term Nalapachakam - the term used in appreciation for a man who is able to cook delicious and tasty food.

King Nala, of the famous Nala Damayanti story, was a great cook. It is said that he was able to cook delicious and mouthwatering food. But how was he able to cook such delicacies that made everyone fall in love with his cooking. 

Nala Pachakam Origin - How King Nala Was Able To Cook Delicious Food?

Legend has it that King Nala of Vidarbha, a Surya Vamshi, used to worship Goddess Hingula. As per Sarala Mahabharata from Odisha, with the blessings of Goddess Hingula anyone can prepare delicious foods. The king had the blessings of the Goddess and that is the reason why anything prepared by the king tasted delicious.

It is said that after getting his food prepared, King Nala would wave his hand over the food he had prepared. This wave would impart special taste and flavor to the food.

Even today in some regions a very good cook is referred to as Nala – thus we have the term Nala Pachakam.