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Story of Kamsa - Uncle of Sri Krishna - Kans Mama

Kamsa was the king of Mathura and he was killed by Bhagavan Sri Krishna. His story is found in the Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagavad Purana, and other Puranas and in numerous other Hindu scriptures. He was the son of Ugrasena of Mathura. He was also uncle of Sri Krishna and therefore he is popularly known as Kans Mama.

Uncle of Sri Krishna - Kans Mama

As per Vishnu Purana, Kamsa was in his previous birth an asura named Kalanemi who was killed by Bhagvan Vishnu.

Upon becoming powerful, Kamsa put Ugrasena in prison and became the ruler of Mathura.

To expand his kingdom and become powerful, Kamsa married Asti and Prapti, the daughters of King Jarasandha of Magadha.

There is also a legend that Kamsa was born after a Gandharva named Dramila violated Ugrasena’s wife. Thus he was not really the son of King Ugrasena. The story suggests that even his mother hated him and she had cursed him that he will be killed by a member of Ugrasena’s family.

An important event in Kamsa’s life happened during the marriage of his sister. Kamsa was driving his sister Devaki after her marriage in a chariot and a voice from the sky predicted that Devaki’s eighth son would kill Kamsa.

Kamsa wanted to kill Devaki then itself. But Vasudeva, husband of Devaki, assured Kamsa that he would hand over to him all sons born to Devaki.

Kamsa then put Devaki and Vasudeva in prison and killed the first six sons, but the seventh and eighth, Balarama and Sri Krishna, escaped and later they together killed Kamsa and reinstated Ugrasena as the king of Mathura.

Kamsa had also appointed several of his ministers and assistants to kill baby Krishna but all of them were killed.