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How To Do Daily Worship And Meditation on Sri Krishna?

The answer to how to do daily worship and meditation on Sri Krishna is provided by Siddheshvari Devi.

In your daily devotional practice, visualize Shri Krishna standing in front of you. You have complete freedom in choosing how to meditate on Him. If you find it difficult to visualize Him, feel free to take the help of a picture or a statue. Images of God help us concentrate on God. Use the image as a base for your meditation.

Many people close their eyes and claim to be meditating on God. They have a picture or statue of God in front of them. They look at it and then with closed eyes visualize that image. This is not meditation on God. It is meditation on an inert object.

You must visualize Shri Krishna. Do keep a photo or idol of Shri Krishna in front of you, but keep it only as a base for your visualization. That photo may be very small, but out of that photo, visualize a six-foot tall Krishna coming out and standing in front of you.
The important thing is to visualize Him standing in front of you. Not as an inert statue, but as a living personality.

Source: Excerpts from an article titled ‘Daily Practice of Devotion’ by Sushri Siddheshvari Devi