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On Worldliness And Possessiveness - Swami Brahmeshananda

Swami Brahmeshananda is a monk of Ramakrishna Order. This is a collection of thoughts and quotes of Swamiji.

On Worldliness

Worldly entanglements, let us understand, will always remain around. One will have to get over them with the help of a strong will power and right attitude. We should plan out our life in such a way that we gradually reduce our worldly entanglements and devote more and more time to higher life.

Hindu view of life says that the very purpose of a householder’s life is to gradually fulfill one’s worldly duties and withdraw from active life — after one’s son or daughter takes up the responsibilities. This is the concept of vanaprastha or retirement, when both husband and wife devote more and more time to spiritual practices.

Swami Brahmeshananda Thoughts on Possessiveness

Let us recall the notice put on certain railway stations: ‘Less luggage, happy journey’. Or think of a person burdened with many items of luggage dangling from his hands and shoulders and another person happily striding ahead with just one bag on his shoulder! So also possessiveness adds to our botheration.

One has to spend a lot of time and energy in acquiring and keeping them. If they are lost, we feel sorry. Further as we become attached to them, we become dependent upon them for our happiness. Instead of happiness, they bring suffering. They rob our precious time and energy, which could be better utilized for higher pursuits.

There is one more side of this idea of living simple life. Think of the widespread poverty. All over the world, there are so many people living in poverty, unable to have two square meal a day or have proper clothing and housing. In such a condition, it is indeed criminal to possess more than one’s basic needs. Every extra morsel of food we take is snatched from someone who eats just half meal a day.

Possessiveness of friends is also as bad. True love is never possessive. Possessiveness is bondage and no one likes to be bound. True love gives freedom to the person loved.