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Kim Purushas in Hinduism - Kimpurushas

Kim Purushas are semi-divine beings or minor deities mentioned in several Hindu scriptures. Kimpurushas are a combination of human, animal and supernatural traits. They have human figures and horse’s head. In some Hindu scriptures Kim Purushas are the same as Kinnaras.

As per Mahabharata, they were the children of Pulaha Rishi. Some Puranas suggest that they were born from the limbs of Brahma.

Kim Purushas lived near the Himalayas and their leader was Druma.

As per some scriptures, they are attached to the service of Kubera, the treasurer of gods. They are also famous as celestial musicians. 

As per Aitareya Brahmana 6.8, the Devas first obtained man as the sacrificial animal. From that man, the sacred part escaped and it entered the horse. Hence the horse became fit for sacrifice. They abandoned the man from whom the sacred part escaped, he became Kimpurusha.