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Story of Indra and Prahlada

Prahlada, the little boy whose unwavering devotion led to the Narasimha Avatar of Lord Vishnu, became a powerful king and he dethroned Indra from heaven. The story of Indra and Prahlada begins here. On Brishaspati’s advice, Indra met Shukracharya to find out the reason for the success of Prahlada.

Shukracharya told Prahlada that is the most righteous person on earth and he earned his success and righteousness through his good qualities.

Indra then decided to acquire the good qualities of Prahlada.

Indra then disguised as young man who was on a quest for moral and spiritual advice. Prahlada accepted him as his pupil and gave him lessons in Dharma.

Pleased with his pupil’s devotion, Prahlada offered his student a boon.

As boon, the young man asked for his good qualities.

Prahlada agreed to it.

Soon all the good qualities of Prahlada were transferred to Indra.

Soon Indra became the righteous man and took back heaven.

Prahlada soon withdrew from the world, led his life in meditation and contemplation of Lord Vishnu, and attained Vaikunta.

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