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Four Forms Of Goddess Lakshmi And Anantasayana Form Of Lord Vishnu

Anantasayana is the cosmic form of Lord Vishnu. Narayana rests on the milky ocean in this form atop Ananta Shesha – the thousand headed snake. Goddess Lakshmi is depicted as seated near his feet. But there are four forms of Goddess Lakshmi when Narayana appears in the Anantasayana Form.

The four forms of are

Nidra lives in the eyes of Vishnu. She keeps him asleep during his yoga nidra – yogic sleep of Vishnu or the sleep of Time. When everything is in a standstill. This happens at the end of a cycle of creation.

Pushti is the owner of all wealth and abundance. She is also associated with fertility. She holds a veena.

Goddess Chinta is the goddess of knowledge. It is she who blesses devotees to escape from cycle of birth and destruction.

As per Hindu beliefs, at the end of a cycle of creation, the cosmic dissolution takes place. The universe then lay dissolved in Ekarnava, the only primordial Ocean. Vishnu stays asleep atop the interminable coils of Ananta Sesha on the waters of Ekarnava.

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