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Madasura in Hinduism – Story of Origin of Mada – Intoxication

Mada, or Madasura, is a demon in Hindu scriptures. He is the personification of intoxication. The story of origin of Mada begins with the banishment of Ashwini Devas (Ashwini Kumars) from the heaven by Indra, the king of Devas or celestial beings. Indra also ordered that the Ashvins should not be allowed to partake of soma, in any yajna performed in the universe.

Story of Origin of Mada – Intoxication

According to Mahabharata, Ashwini Devas took refuge in the Ashram of Sage Chyavana.

Sage Chyavana conducted a yajna and invited Ashwini Devas to partake the Yajnamsha. Soma was served to them.

Indra objected to this.

Sage Chyavana ignored Indra and a fight ensued between them.

Sage Chyavana produced from the sacrificial fire a demon named Mada. The demon fought with Indra and defeated him. When the demon was about to kill Indra, he took refuge at the feet of Sage Chyavana.

Sage Cyavana forgave Indra and withdrew the demon.

As the demon had no place to go, Sage Chyavana asked him to reside in alcohol, dice (gambling), hunting and in the house of prostitutes.