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Gajanan Maharaj Quotes - A Collection of Teachings of Gajanan Maharaj

This is a collection of quotes and teachings of Gajanan Maharaj

What are the characteristics of a realized person? He remains unperturbed even when faced with a barrage of difficulties.

Do not ask anything from anybody. When you stretch your arms in front for begging something, at that moment your feet go backwards. When hands go backward, your feet march ahead.

One has to attain not excitable, imperturbable state of mind like that of an ocean. If you throw a stone in the sea then there is a slight disturbance. But that is only for a moment. The next moment it again becomes calm and solemn. A Yogi possesses such composed state of mind.

How do people established in 'Brahman' conduct themselves? They act as father when dealing with son, behave like husband while facing wife. But the very next moment (after that particular interaction) they become solemn and serene.

Those who can lead one to the truth without any expectations alone are called Sadguru. One does not have to hunt high and low from place to place for Sadguru. One comes across one's Master spontaneously.

No religious opinion ordains or supports violence.

Fundamental religion of the mankind is only one. During the course of time, the intellectuals, while interpreting it, have caused confusion and mislead simple people.
Purpose of religious observances (fasting, vows etc.) is only to realize God.