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Story of Sage Bharadvaja

Sage Bharadvaja was one of the Saptarishis (seven sages) and is believed to have authored Dharma Sutra, Shrauta Sutra and text associated with grammar and Ayurveda. Story of Sage Bharadvaja narrates the determination and devotion of Vedic seers in acquiring knowledge.

Sage Bharadvaja once ventured out to study entire Vedic sciences. He soon realized that one life is not enough to study the Vedas, various sciences, arts and all other knowledge.

To overcome this problem, along with studying, he performed intense austerities to extend his life span.

He gathered new knowledge daily. The more he learned the more was his appetite for knowledge.

Each Vedic deity that Sage Bharadvaja propitiated gave him the boon of long life.

Finally, Sage Bharadvaja propitiated Indra and decided to ask for a long life to learn all the sciences.

Indra appeared before the sage and told him that what he had learned so far amounted to a handful of sand, whereas what still lay ahead was a huge mountain.

Sage Bharadvaja was not disheartened by Indra’s words. He asked for further extension of his life and continued his study.