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Tiruppavai in Tamil in pdf format – Download Thiruppavai Text in Tamil

Tiruppavai is a collection of thirty stanzas (pasuram) in Tamil written by Andal in praise of Bhagavan Srihari Vishnu. Gita Press of Gorakhpur is providing Thiruppavai Text in Tamil in pdf format free. You can download it and use it for your personal use.

The book contains the pasuram and its meaning in Tamil

This is a simple text link with all the pasurams in tamil

LinkTiruppavai in Tamil (it is in Tamil Language big file with detail explanations)

An example of a Pasuram in English
  • Oh! you people born to live (vaazhveer gaal) in this world (vaiyam), won't you listen (keleero) to the deeds (kirisai) we do (chey) to ourselves (naam) and to our (nam) idol (paavai)!. 
  • We sing (paadi) in praise of the feet (adi) of the Lord (paraman) who is in meditative sleep (paiyath thuyil) on the ocean of milk (paal kadal). 
  • We do not eat (unnom) ghee (ney). 
  • We do not drink (unnom) milk (paal). 
  • We bathe (neeraadi) early morning (naat kaale). 
  • We do not use (ezhudhom) eye liner (mai). 
  • We (naam) do not braid our hair (mudiyom) with flowers (malar). 
  • We do not do (seyyom) prohited things (seyyaadhana). 
  • We do not go and recite (chenru odhom) evil (theeya) demons (kuraL) works. 
  • We donate (kai kaattu) to poor people (pichchai), to deserving people (aiyam), to ascetic people (aandhanai). We think (enni) about our salvation (uyya) and feel happy (ugandhu).