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Auspicious stars for griha pravesh - Good Nakshatras for House Warming

Griha Pravesh is the house warming ceremony or moving into a new house. Not all Nakshatras are considered good for moving into a new house. Here are the auspicious stars for griha pravesh as per Hindu astrology texts are:

Mrigasira – Makayiram
Uttara Phalguni – Uthram
Chitra – Chithirai
Anuradha – Anusham or Anizham
Pushya – Pooyam
Uttarashada – Uthradam
Dhanishta – Avittam
Satabhisha – Chathayam
Uttarabhadra – Uthrattathi

Good Nakshatras for House Warming

A Short Note on Griha Pravesh

Griha means house or home and pravesh means to enter. Grihapravesh is the celebration of entering into a new house for living. The house may not be newly built but will be the place where the family starts a new life, the life they pray to be happy and blessed.

The house also becomes the house of the Gods that the owner of the house believes in. The personal deity from the Hindu pantheon the family believes stays is the important member of the house and it is through the blessing of the deity that the family progresses.

Decoration of the main entrance of the new home may be done by drawing footprints of Goddess Lakshmi or made by a girl child after dipping her feet in kumkum water. Hanging garland on the top of the door with mango leaves and putting some fresh fruit bearing tree branches on two sides of the door is another important aspect of Griha Pravesh. Kalash is another important aspect.

All items displayed or kept in the front door of the house during Griha Pravesh symbolize glory and blessing of Hindu gods and goddesses, peace, prosperity, fertility and happiness.
The blessing of ancestors are also taken before entering into a new home.