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Panchatantra Quotes - A Collection of Panchatantra Teachings

This is a collection of teachings and quotes from Panchatantra.

From covetousness anger proceeds; from covetousness lust is born; from covetousness come delusion and perdition. Covetousness is the cause of sin.

Many men can utter words of wisdom; few men can practice it themselves.

Bit by bit, the wise enjoy the wealth they earn, slowly, very slowly, as some precious elixir is savoured drop by drop, not gulped unceremoniously.

Silence leads to success in everything.

By banding together the weak can become unassailable to a powerful foe.

God befriends the man who climbs the highest point of determination.

Go however far to find honest joy.

Learn from any who is wise, though a boy.

The true seems often false, the false seem true – appearances deceive, so think it through.

Results are achieved only by action not by riding the chariot of the mind.

Some things a man should tell his wife, some things to friend and some to son; all these are trusted. He should not tell everything to everyone.

Whatever secrets, good or ill, men keep in their mind are soon betrayed when they are drunk or talking in their sleep.

A calf can find its mother cow among a thousand cows. So too good and evil done in the world returns and whispers ‘I am thine.’

Quarrels bring down mansion, bad words break up friendships, bad rulers destroy nations, bad deeds destroy men’s reputations.

Even when the creator strikes fear, the brave do not lose their courage, even in summer which dries up the ponds, the ocean remains swollen. Be Brave.

Tasks can be achieved only by effort, not by mere dreaming, Animals do not enter the mouth of a sleeping lion – it needs to hunt for its food.

Without knowing the mental prowess of the enemy, he who goes to fight, out of zeal, gets destroyed like the moth flying into fire.

Shun him who is rogue and fool.

Scholarship is less than good sense, therefore seek intelligence.

Nothing is impossible if one has intelligence.

For lost and dead and past
The wise have not laments
Between the wise and fools
Is just this difference.

Wrong doings will always be wrongful
A wise man will not direct his mind towards it.
However tormented by thirst one is
None drink the water of puddles
That lie on well trodden highway