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Story of Vishnu Chitta – Father of Andal

Vishnu Chitta was the foster father of poet – saint Andal. He is believed to be an incarnation of Garuda. He is also known as Periyalwar and lived at Srivilliputtur in Tamil Nadu.

Legend has it he was an ardent devotee of Vishnu and offered garlands made from fresh flower daily. He had no knowledge of Vedas. But it is said that Bhagvan Vishnu asked him to go the court of Pandya King Vallbhadeva and participate in a Vedic competition. Vishnu Chitta, the man who had no knowledge in Vedas, expounded the meaning of Vedas and stunned Vedic scholars.

After winning the competition, Vishnu Chitta was taken around the city atop a elephant and here he had a vision of Bhagvan Vishnu and he composed the famous ‘Thiruppallandu’ hymn.

After this incident, Vishnu Chitta became a great teacher of Vedas.

Today, Vishnu Chitta is remembered as the foster father of saint – poetess Andal.