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Creation of World in Vaishnavism - Creation Story Associated With Hindu God Vishnu

The Vaishnava school of thought refers to creation of the world as Jagat Srishti. As per Vaishnavism, the cause of the universe and the basis of its existence is Hindu God Vishnu. He gives birth to brahma – through a lotus coming out of his navel. This first creation after the Pralaya or great deluge is known as Samasti Srishti.

Creation Story Associated With Hindu God Vishnu

The order of creation
Jagat Karana – The reason behind all creation – Vishnu sleeping on banyan leaf on sea. He commences Samasti Srishti – birth of Brahma.

Brahma then creates the Vedas, 14 lokas (7 above and 7 below), devas, yajna, tapas, vastu and purusharthas.

Brahma then creates Pradhana Tattva.

Pradhana Tattva gives birth to Mahat Tattva.

Mahat Tattva creates the Gunas – Sattvika, Rajasika and Tamasika.

Next panchabhutas are created – space, air, fire, water and earth.

Panchabhutas create 11 indriyas – sound, speech, sight, taste, smell, hands, legs, arms, skin, secreting organs and mind.

Panchabhutas are mixed in a definite proportion to create living beings.

All visible items are created by an intermixture of the panchabhutas.