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Story – Sword of Indra and the Sage - Symbolic Meaning and Lesson For Life

The story of the sword of Indra and the sage was narrated by Mata Sita in the Ramayana to Bhagvan Sri Ram. Legend has it that once there lived a great sage who had offered intense penance for several years. His piety and austerities alarmed Indra. The king of Devas feared that soon the Sage will replace him due to his holiness.

To distract the Sage and make him fall from his present stature, Indra went to the sage, who lived in a forest, in the form of a warrior armed with a sword.

Indra then convinced the sage to keep the sword in his safe custody.

The Sage then spent all his attention on the sword.

The Sage gave too much importance to the trust shown by the soldier on him.

While guarding the sword he neglected his spiritual activities. Thus his spiritual powers declined and ultimately lost all his yogic powers. Thus Indra saved his throne.

Neglecting one's duties and giving too much importance to unwanted things will take us far away from our destination.

To achieve success in spiritual or material world we need to have single minded attention.

The sword here stands for all unwanted activities and obsession that diverts our attention from our true goal.

Many a times the sword is gifted to us by our enemies or jealous colleagues. Without realizing that the sword is a mere piece of metal we give too much importance to it.

Do not take unwanted responsibilities thrown at us. Stick to your duties and responsibilities.