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Goddess Sharada – Story and Information About Goddess Sharada Devi

Goddess Sharada is the goddess of learning. Sharada Devi means the goddess who imparts the essence of knowledge. Sarada, also known as Saraswati, is a manifestation of the Supreme Truth. She blesses devotees with knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

She is depicted as pure white in color. She is of exquisite beauty and is worshiped as seated on a lotus. She holds in her four hands, a lute (Veena), book, rosary and one hand is in blessing posture.

 Story and Information About Goddess Sharada Devi

The most famous temple dedicated to Goddess Sharada is located at the Sringeri Matha, also known as Sarada Peetham. 

Adi Shankaracharya installed Goddess Sharada as a Sri Yantra on a rock; and another, her murti form in a sandalwood.

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